Flight recorder for your iOS
and Android apps

See video, network and logs that led to bugs and crashes
in live apps. No need to reproduce intermittent bugs.
With Bugsee, all the crucial data is always there.
Bugsee: iOS SDK Bugsee: Android SDK

Bug and crash reports by Bugsee

All important traces from your app.
Now you know what exactly led to unexpected behavior.
Bugsee: reports include video of user actions with touches
Video of user actionsincluding touches
Bugsee: reports include network traffic with body
Network trafficincluding body
Bugsee: reports include console logs
Console logs
and moreBugsee: reports include all the crucial information
Bugsee: Anteater

One line of code to setup

Bugsee: iOS initialization Bugsee: Android initialization
[Bugsee launchWithToken:@"token"]; Bugsee.launch(this, "token");

Ultimate Time Machine

See the video of all user actions, communication with the
backend and system state that led to the problem.
Bugsee: Ultimate Time Machine

Developer Dashboard

Bugsee: Crash Analytics block iconCrash Analytics

Get statistics on similar crashes. See trends broken down by device type, OS version and time.
Bugsee: Callstack

Bugsee: Crash Callstack block iconCrash Callstack

Get the exact filename, method and a line number of the crash. See states of all other threads running at the time of the crash.
Bugsee: Callstack

Bugsee: Network Traffic block iconNetwork Traffic

See all HTTP and HTTPS requests and responses – headers and body – from and to your app.
Bugsee: Network traffic

Bugsee: Console Logs block iconConsole Logs

Replay all app’s console logs synchronized to the video and network traffic.
Bugsee: Console Logs

Bugsee: Traces and Events block iconTraces and Events

See all system traces and events (connectivity, orientation and more). Add your custom data to the timeline.
Bugsee: Traces and events

Bugsee: Integrations block iconIntegrations

Connect to your bug tracking tools – Slack, Jira, Trello and many more. Automate and simplify your bug life cycle from end user to developer.
Bugsee: Integrations

Our Clients


Bugsee is one of the critical tools that we use not only in development or testing, but also in beta and production releases. We like it so much that we have started recommending it to our customers as a must-have tool.

Great job Bugsee team, I highly recommend it.

Akash Takyar
Founder/CEO / LeewayHertz
Vadim Peskov


Bugsee is an awesome product, that every member of our team liked so much. It saves us a huge amount of time for recording and reproducing any issues. Now recording of any issue and posting it to our tracking system take only 2 seconds, it's done directly from the application. Great integrations level! Now we have even more time to create great mobile apps! Bugsee made us and our clients happier!

Vadim Peskov
CEO & Co-founder / Diffco US
Anjelika Kour

Brick & Portal

The smile on everyone's face after the simple Bugsee SDK integration said it all. Multiple QA testers are now logging bugs on the fly and each gets immediately submitted into our project management software. We are building better apps and user experiences - couldn't have done it without Bugsee!

Anjelika Kour
Founder/CEO / Brick & Portal
Jeremy Huff

Hello World Engineering

The video is really the killer feature for us. At the early stage in the product, it’s much more efficient to see videos than gather descriptions from users. We use it for remote debugging, when we send builds to our clients, as well as internally, when it’s easier to have a video rather than fully type up a bug.

Jeremy Huff
David Weiss

Hatch baby

Finally – something that can make the mystery bugs actually reproducible. A QA dream…

David Weiss
Founder/CTO / Hatch Baby
Sebastian Juarez


We love it. Bugsee gives us a detailed and accurate tracking of issues, with excellent team support. Mistakes from the past are the wisdom and success of the future…if you use Bugsee!!!

Sebastian Juarez
CTO/Founder / eTips
Niklas Saers


Installing Bugsee in our app Snapsale took just about no time with great instructions throughout. The captures I got were so much better than the usually very good textual descriptions I was used to getting. I could see what was going on in the video and what network calls were being made, just like if I sat next to them and had them running through an SSL proxy. Awesome! We quickly got 36 items of feedback, integrated into our Trello, that me and my iOS team-mate could crunch through, and yesterday I submitted our update to the App Store. The time-saving, and frustrations saved was enormous.

Niklas Saers
Head of iOS development / Snapsale
Qiming Fang


We've been with Bugsee for the past few months and love the product. Bugsee has saved us hours per day of digging through logs to try and reproduce an issue that our users were having. The videos and the network calls allow me to pinpoint issues within a few minutes.

Qiming Fang
Adam Shaw


Bugsee has solved the biggest pain points between me and my clients who are developing mobile apps - how to properly report a bug. I was really amazed at the polish and the setup workflow was simply amazing - it's really inspiring. Your product saves me and my devs a lot of time and makes a HUGE impact on our QA process.

Adam Shaw
Chief Software Architect / Foresite


Bugsee is dope! Developers dream come true to debug with video capture of all the actions that lead to the bug!

Rajan Bala
Founder & VP of Engineering / Hiku


The features that Bugsee offers are very appealing, provide a slew of valuable information, and would reduce debugging time of bugs found in the wild.

Kevin Snead
VP of Engineering / WillowTree Apps
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